Front End


We are IT company specializing in building robust & intuitive web & mobile apps. We focus on delivering exceptional User-Experience through our solutions. Offering a full range of software development services, we offer the following…

Back End


The main part of the development of complex and large-scale projects is the server part, for which we build the architecture and logic of the system. The development of the Back-end side of all our project is based on the latest and most stable technologies as .Net, Node. Js and others…


All the work of our experts based on the modern methodologies designed to deliver high-quality software faster. Our team applies IaaC and CI/CD approaches and ensures the delivery of stability, reliability, and cost-efficiency of DevOps Services.



We do UI / UX design for any software products by developing a lightweight, ergonomic usable web interface. The design and development of mobile applications come with software systems, data visualization for data analysis.



Our multidisciplinary team of experts allows us to face the Project Management (PM) of highly complex and demanding projects based on the best practices defined by the main accredited organizations such as the Project Management Institute.


The main key to the success of any product is its quality. GV Soft offers QA services for WEB and Mobile applications, which covers all the main stages of the project development…

Dedicated Teams

Out staffing

A "dedicated team" is considered to be a model of collaboration between a client and a service provider. By signing an agreement on work on the "dedicated team" model, the client receives at his disposal a team of specialists who are selected according to the requirements of the projects…

Big Data

Machine Learning

Big Data (BI) and Machine Learning (ML) are used to enhance the capabilities of business-driven software. We help solve the toughest data challenges to improve operational intelligence, enhance product quality, and increase business efficiency using AR/VR, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Deep learning, Machine learning, IOT and BI most advanced solutions.